15:16 mins|Color| HD| 2.35


 *Official Selection -  2017 Taos Shortz Film Fest 


Marla is a young woman who has spent her life in the long, dark shadow of her mother Gloria, a famous war photojournalist. When Marla finally begins to make a decisive move away and apart from Gloria, Gloria reveals plans that threaten to drag Marla back into her mother's dark world from which Marla may never be able to escape from.


Carmen Zilles, Lisa Ramirez, Liam Torres, Daniela Mastropietro


Director      Lauren Fritz

Writers       Lauren Fritz & Carmen Zilles

Producers  Lauren Fritz, Nathan Niamehr, Debbie Walters

Cinematographer  Oren Soffer 

Production Designer  Andrea Lauer

Editor  Luiza Parvu

Composer  Gene Back